Massachusetts Pine Tree Four Shilling Locket


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A very rare item and the first we have ever handled. This locket was produced for sale at the 1892 World’s Columbian Exposition This piece is a silver dollar sized locket that opens to show an area for photographs. Polished at one point in its life, probably by the original owner, but otherwise in perfect condition with hanging loop intact and fully functioning hinge. Extremely rare with probably only 6-8 known existing today.

The John Ford collection had two nice examples both of which realized $2300 in 2006. The Stacks September 2005 sale contained one example in choice condition which realized $3450. These are the only other examples of this rare item we are currently aware of. This example does not contain any pictures inside the locket, as about half of the known examples do not as well. A VERY RARE opportunity for the Massachusetts specialist.

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