1964 Lincoln Cent Overstruck On A 1942 India 1/4 Rupee NGC AU58

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Boasting an attractive silver planchet and choice and lightly circulated fields, the appeal of this 1964 Lincoln Penny Error resides in its intrigue. After extensive research, this is the only Lincoln Penny struck over a cancelled India 1942 ¼ Rupee known, making it one-of-a-kind. Boldly overstruck with abundant undertype detail, the diamond-shaped cancellation pattern on both the obverse and reverse is visually stunning.

This specific Lincoln Cent error was noteworthy enough to capture the attention of NGC who is showcasing the coin in their “From The Grading Room” article, published 6/14/2016. NGC writes:

“Recently submitted to NGC was one of these very curious double-denomination errors: a 1964 Lincoln Cent struck on a cancelled India 1942 ¼ Rupee. In .500 fine silver, its color immediately signals it is something different. Odd diamond cross-hatching, the results of cancellation, has overlaid a textured pattern to both obverse and reverse. Closer examination identifies the undertype. Clearly discernible running vertically across Lincoln’s profile bust are the words “¼ / RUPEE / INDIA / – 1942 -“. The undertype, an India ¼ Rupee, is a two-year design type struck in Calcutta, which was cancelled prior to being overstruck with Lincoln Cent dies.”

To read the full article, please click the following link ngccoin.com.

This Lincoln Penny was found by a Brooklyn Heights, NY deli owner in 1964 whose family originally authenticated it in 1976, but held onto it with no interest to sell – until now. Why is this the only Lincoln Penny overstruck on this host coin known, and why was it struck on a coin discontinued 20 years earlier? If it was a meaningful and deliberate overstrike, how then did the coin get into circulation?

This Lincoln Penny Error represents a unique opportunity for an error collector or Lincoln Specialist to add a one-and-only-known coin to their collection.


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