1933 Huey Long Toilet Token XF/AU Brass


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A very well known and highly collectable token referencing a bathroom punch taken by Huey Long in New York in 1933. This example is slightly circulated, but still strong and bold in strike, with mostly smooth surfaces save for a bit of green that has formed in the reverse legends. A wonderful token with a great story, destined for a happy home in the near future.

This famous “token” was produced after a story came out that Huey Long, under the influence of alcohol, entered a men’s restroom during a function and proceeded to urinate on another patron’s trousers, prompting that man to sock Long in the face, resulting in a black eye. A newspaper in the area that picked up the story produced these tokens, including one in gold to be given to the man who came forward saying he was the puncher. To this day, nobody has come forward to claim the deed.


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