1786 NJ Maris 7-C Unique Date Under Plow Beam Ex. Lester Merkin

7Cobv 7Crev

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A truly remarkable state copper in all regards. The color is a light tan with the surfaces very smooth and glossy, evidence that this coin was a pocket piece for many years. The date is weak, but visible underneath the plow beam. A group of scratches are present in the center of the shield on the reverse, but are not important on such a special numismatic item. A true highlight in any collection ever assembled, past or present.

The Date Under Plow Beam varieties are considered the King of New Jersey coppers. Every famous collector of colonial coinage has yearned to own an example. There are 9-10 total known Date Under Plow Beams, with three different die varieties existing today. The Maris obverse 7 is paired with two reverses, the C reverse (considered the pattern shield reverse) which is unique, and the E reverse, of which there are 5-6 examples known. The Whitman Colonial Encyclopedia describes the Date Under Plow Beam type as “one of the most famous and most desired types in the state coinage series.”

This unique item was discovered in the 1950s by coin dealer Lester Merkin. Merkin sold this coin to James Ruddy sometime later as it was offered in a 1959 issue of Rare Coin Review. It was purchased from Bowers and Ruddy by Ned Barnsley, of Connecticut Copper fame, and sat in his collection for a few years. It was then purchased privately by a collector where it was housed until 2011. We are honored to be able to attach our name to the pedigree chain of this amazing piece of numismatic history.

Ex. William Anton, Ned Barnsley, James Ruddy, Lester Merkin.

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