1781 North American Token NGC AU53BN


One of the single finest examples we have seen of the North American Token. This piece, graded AU53 by NGC, shows incredible detail on both the obverse and reverse. The reverse shows a boatload of original die polishing lines struck into the coin, far more than are normally seen on this issue.

While not a rare coin to find, almost all examples that come to market are graded VF30 or worse, and are often found with very inconsistent strike or major problems. This piece is quite a surprise with eye appeal and detail far superior to all but one we have seen over the past 7-10 years.

While PCGS has graded a few examples as AU58 and AU55, to our eyes, only one of them comes close to the eye appeal and detail that this coin shows, while the others do not have anywhere near the detail of the above example.

A great opportunity for the advanced type collector to add a coin that would be basically impossible to upgrade.


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