1670 French Double Sol Unique PCGS VF35 Ex. Norweb Collection

doublesolobv doublesolrev

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A truly special coin and one of great historical significance. This piece has choice medium to light brown color with no problems of any kind except honest wear. This is the only French Colonies colonial coin that has an inscription relating to America. Currently this piece is unique without a whisper of another example ever mentioned. One of only two unique coins listed in the Red Book.

This coin obviously was short lived in striking, and this must have to do with a major error in the legends. Instead of America being inscribed as L’Ameriqve, it was listed in the unfamiliar LA MERIQVE. To our knowledge this is the first coin ever struck to have the word America on it at all. A remarkable coin meant for the finest of collections.

Ex. Norweb, Breen Plate, Red Book Plate, Wayte Raymond, B.G. Johnson, Brand

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